((Drummer)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Akron, Ohio Drummer is called Drummer for a reason. All five members are, yes, drummers. The most famous drummer in Drummer is probably Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney.

But our favorite drummers in Drummer are Jamie Stillman and Jon Finley. They're our favorite drummers in Drummer because both were in one of our favorite bands, The Party of Helicopters. Man, what an underrated band! We still listen to their six-year-old album Please Believe It at least once a month.

But back to the drummers in Drummer. Now, so as not to confuse anyone, the only drummer who drums in Drummer is Gregory Boyd. The remaining four dudes play instruments other than the drums.

Even though they are a brand new band, Drummer makes music that just kind of kills it. And with a foundation built on classic rock with a twinge of good old arena rock, it's the kind of music we bet even Randy Johnson (or pretty much any baseball pitcher who sports a mustache, a mullet and a thin gold chain) could be into too.

There's a nice little bit of psych swirl to go along with the grubby guitars too, so that pretties things up a bit. Oh, sometimes Drummer sounds like My Morning Jacket. Maybe it's the vocals -- but it's probably just because of the drumming.
Published July 16, 2009



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