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Whew! Here's a whirlwind of a band for you. Toronto's Doldrums is the pulsing, rhythmic, and sonically scattered electronic pop project of Airick Woodhead. Live, he's got a full band to help him realize this playful homemade mayhem (and that band includes his brother, Daniel - who has his own good band, Moon King).

These tripped out jams (powered by pumped up keyboards + hyperactive drum machine beats + all sorts of advanced technological hijinx I won't pretend to understand) is like if Animal Collective and Grimes had a rambunctious baby band that was always acting up and messing with the settings on their machines and things. Or something like that anyway.

Woodhead's voice reaches over these fragmented bizarro sounds to reign these songs into something resembling accessibility. However, it's not like you're really going to be able to sing Doldrums in the shower or anything. But that's not why you're going to be into this band. You're going to be into them for the thumps and jumps and dizzying spectacle these guys throw out at you.

I just saw them send surges through the charged-up crowd at CMJ 2012. Sometimes flipped out electro that goes all over the place like this can be tiresome to watch live. But not Doldrums. The audience was left a little dazed, but certainly not confused. It was pretty clear Doldrums' thing falls fully on the great (not the grate) side of the eclectic electronic music spectrum.

Published November 1, 2012



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