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Brooklyn's Dirty Projectors is an insanely creative collective whose music comes from the hidden crevices of Dave Longstreth's manic, musical mind. This band sounds completely otherworldly and unlike anyone, so it's a little stunning that everyone is saying these guys are destined to be the next BIG THING. But then again, this utter uniqueness is probably exactly the reason people are looking to them to be the new musical saviors. They're even Bjork- and David Byrne-approved.

Now, this is no overnight sensation situation we're talking about here, as Longstreth has been doing Dirty Projectors for quite a few years. But since it's been a forever-evolving project, each album sounds like an entirely new band is making it.

Dirty Projectors, with revolving line-ups, have made albums about Don Henley, they've reworked Black Flag's Rise Above record, and have put out a handful of other releases before their latest, Bitte Orca.

On Bitte Orca, Longstreth combines orchestral manipulation with rock/soul rhythms and the cherubic harmonies of Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian to create a world we've never been to, much less heard, before. And it is this most-recent album that's being hailed as a modern day masterpiece and will probably launch them to indie heights most recently climbed by Grizzly Bear (hey, they sound kind of otherworldly too!).
Published June 18, 2009



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