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Brooklyn's Diehard are an exceptionally catchy foursome that play ALT power-pop seemingly straight from 1993-1996. Yeah! Now, harkening back to the past is not necessarily a bad thing (it's a BAND thing, man... everyone lifts from everyone... and that's why we're all high on POP, baby..., especially when the era you're lending your listeners' ears to was a pretty damn good era.

Yeah, I'm talking about the power-pop era of Weezer's Blue Period. And hmm, maybe the power-pop era of Chicago's Veruca Salt. Diehard kind of reminds me of Veruca Salt for some reason. And heck it, maybe Diehard even reminds me a bit of the indie-pop era of Velocity Girl meets the power-pop era of The Poster Children. Yeah, that's it! Boy, that was one good era.

Of course, this mid-'90s FM-friendly era also had countless ALT bands that employed only deep baritone singers ("AND I FEEL ITTTTTT... WHERE YA GOIN' WITH THE MASK I FOUNDDDDD...), but thankfully Diehard isn't one of those ALT bands from that ALT era.

Ezra Selove and Liz Schroeter trade off very pleasant vocal melodies, actually. And their pretty pop power chords might even make Scott Stapp lay down his crucified arms (for a minute, anyway) in appreciation... not that Diehard sounds like Creed or anything. Creed RULEZ though!

Diehard has played shows recently with Free Energy and Small Black, and should try to jump on a tour with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, if only to relive the magic that was Flight 151. Anyway, Diehard and ALT ERAS FOREVA!

Published January 7, 2010



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