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Diamond Bones are a new band comprised of three ladies from Montreal. They make chilly-n-synthy, dark-disco-dream-pop. (Oooh. How do you like all those big time safety net hyphens, guys.) Let me tell you something. Diamond Bones' shaded retro electro would easily have felt right at home on that still excellent "Drive" soundtrack along with two of my other favorites, Electric Youth (Toronto) and Desire (Montreal). So you might like Diamond Bones if you like those two bands.

You also might Diamond Bones if you like Grimes (Montreal) and Purity Ring (Montreal). What a minute. I'm starting to notice a pattern here. Am I only making these other band comparisons because they're all from Canada? And they all dabble primarily in well-crafted skittish pop electronics? And all also happen to have female vocalists? And if so, is it fair to put Diamond Bones in a conveniently neat little box based on such cursory observations? And going one step further, must there always be top level associations that create the "scenes" that then help us define art and understand the understandable? I don't know. But I do know that I'm in for some serious soul searching tonight.

One last thought: you know how there's that Ice Hotel somewhere in the frozen northern shores of... you guessed it.... Canada? I learned about it on the Travel Channel. Or maybe it was Discovery Channel. Or maybe Nat Geo. They call it the Ice Hotel because the hotel is made out of... you guessed it.... no, not Canada. Ice. It's made of ice. Anyway, that hotel's lobby should definitely play Diamond Bones to comfort the cold, just-arriving guests. It'll give them a little bit of warmth and wonder. And isn't that the mission of the Ice Hotel? I'm seriously asking. Nat Geo or Travel Channel or Discovery Channel didn't get to that part.

Just thought to share all this with you. Hope you take it to heart.
Published February 13, 2013



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