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Phoenix’s Destruction Unit are a hard hitting and heavy (can you even be one but not the other, you say? nevermind that now. pipe down and enjoy the ride) psych-punk band that blitzes you blissfully into swirling sonic madness. It’s all driven by guitars-bass-drums and five maniacs at the throttle. It’s loud. It’s catchy. It sounds maybe like a cross between The Soft Moon and Metz. And if that cross doesn’t get your bumpers buffed I don’t know WHAT will (or what bumpers buffed means).

Destruction Unit formed way back in the early 2000s (what was that prehistoric time even like?) by Ryan Rousseau. But they went defunct for a few years when Rousseau hooked up with Jay and became a full-time Reatard. After Jay Reatard’s passing in 2010, Rousseau brought Destruction Unit back. But they’re a completely different thing now. And sound nothing like they used to in those olden aughts days. So they might as well be a new band and you probably didn’t need to know that backstory. Oh, well. These things happen.

Here’s what you do need to know, though. Destruction Unit will melt your face off. And you’ll thank them for it. Even as you see your chin and cheeks and eyeballs sliding down your chest and legs and feet before settling in a gooey heap on your dirty floor. “Please Destruction Unit may I have another!” you’d exclaim. If you still had a mouth. I’d certainly say you need to know this before you stream that track below. Don’t you think? Do you also think you might want to vacuum and/or mop your floor every once and awhile? I sure do.

As of this writing - which is already in the past but that’s ok because now is the only thing that ever is - Suicide Squeeze is about to put out Destruction Unit’s new EP. And Sacred Bones is putting out their full length in the fall. That’s two good labels. And this is one good band. You betcha your buffed bumper assa it is.

Published May 22, 2013



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