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Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn’s Daytona is an excellent noodle-y pop band with a little bit of a tropical vacation vibe. But it’s a vacation vibe of the wistful kind. Like, maybe you’ve travelled to Okinawa to visit those famous pink bursts of cherry blossom flowers in rapturous full bloom, and it’s a transcendent sight and worth the 7,000 mile journey entirely, but you also know that in a few days every single one of those splendid flowers will be dead.......

Anywho, on to much more important matters than life and death. Like an up-and-coming band profile!

Daytona features members of Wild Yaks and Las Rosas. Hey, I like those two bands. It’s always nice when such positive, serendipitous synergy happens with these things. And despite what I wrote above, Daytona are not a buzzkill band. This is pop, after all. But it’s pop that sounds world weary. It sounds like there’s nothing you can really do about what happens to you anyway, so you just sit on back and accept that we’re all dust floating upon the whims of the wind. And that feeling, while not exactly happy, ain’t all that bad either. Bet you didn’t know noodle-y guitars could do all that.

I do believe such introspection on my part is a result of the song “The Road” (conveniently posted below) that’s straight from Daytona’s forthcoming (and FANTASTIC) debut album on Ernest Jenning (O’Death + Takka Takka + Dinosaur Feathers etc). So you can blame the band for my half-baked profundity. They’re the ones who wrote the world weary song, after all.

And you got it right, Daytona. The road does never seems to end. I hear that, brother. But allow me to add that when the road does end...and it always ends...you’ll most likely miss it a little bit when it’s gone.

Published September 24, 2013



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