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Australia's Cut Copy are an exceptionally catchy electro-pop band that have now put out two deliciously danceable albums for Modular Records, a label that knows a thing or three about really catchy electro-pop bands (just ask The Presets, New Young Pony Club and Klaxons).

And Cut Copy's most recent album, In Ghost Colours (produced by Tim Goldsworthy of the DFA production team) is also their best. Every song makes me want to go out and get to work on my late-night rage skills (so far I'm up to 10:30pm, and then it's a fast fade).

These 3-4 guys (it changes) are seriously into their synths and thus, their melodies often sway towards '80s new-wave-neo-goth-rave. And that's fine for a time. But they also incorporate plenty of "real" instruments (for the rock purists out there) like guitars, bass and drums when they play from the stage so that it feels like a genuine performance rather than simply a bunch of human DJs telling us to shake our asses all night. Cut Copy is for fans of New Order, Pet Shop Boys and (their recent tour mates) Daft Punk.
Published August 14, 2008



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