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Written by Patrick McNamara

San Francisco’s Cool Ghouls (great name) play sunny garage jingle-jangle stoner booze rock and searching my heart I don’t think I’m projecting my leisure interests onto the band since their bandcamp Uniform Resource Locator* is coolghouls420.bandcamp.com and they say their influences are "tall cans, 40s, blunts, guns, 40s, crime."

Of course, you can still enjoy this band without partaking in the nectar of the gods. You can still get a natural high sitting in sober on this swirling catchy goodness - however, you might not be able to see the oneness of all things and how the fabric of existence is all woven together, that's all. You can still sing along and feel pleasant, though.

Alright. So you now have a quick sense of what this band’s sound is like. But that’s not enough. The real reason you read digitally original profiles like this one is to learn the names of the members of the band - something I’m always willing to help you with. Pat! Pat! Ryan! Alex! Those are the four that make this musical delight. But please don’t stop reading now that the grand payoff is already out of the bag. There’s much more to discuss. Oh, so much more.

The band has offered up several sound sacrifices to the World Wide Intrasphere since 2011 - the most recent being the excellent ten song album “A Swirling Fire Burning Through The Rye” (that would make a great title for a posthumous Hank Bukowski poetry collection) released on Empty Cellar Records in November of 2014. I’m going to conveniently post it for you directly below these dynamic words because I got you, yo, I got you.

For a good time, turn your volume to BLAST and set your body to BLAZE.

(*did you know that’s what URL stood for? - me neither - until I wrote this profile - I always learn something new during my days here at Rockness HQ - which is also my bedroom - I'm wearing sweatpants - 420)

Published February 24, 2015



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