((Converge)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

You know 'em. Converge are everybody's favorite hardcore metal heroes (or "No Heroes" as their latest Epitaph album states) and they're still crazy after all of these years. These guys have released an endless stream of aggressively angry albums in their closing-in-on-twenty-years of existence. And they still got the goods. I recently saw them open for Mastodon and was astonished that vocalist Jacob Bannon could still scream with such ferocity. Only a fool would attempt to sing along with that dude. My voice would permanently morph into Tom Waits (but without the musical genius).

I have to admit that though their show was as raw and angry and powerful and exciting as ever, moshing just ain't what it used to be (assuming it ever was something). You know, I just don't need to be worrying about some dude barreling into my kneecap at a concert anymore. But maybe that's just the old man in me. But some age faster, I guess. Converge formed when MC Hammer was king, and they still sound as spry as ever.
Published November 09, 2006



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