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Written by Patrick McNamara

San Francisco's Cold Beat is a post ________ chilly jingle jangle surf punk band. If that doesn't make sense, that's cool, it doesn't have to. Just listen to it because it's really good and you'll be happy to follow along wherever the hell this band decides to go from one song to the next.

In one year, the band (current lineup = Hannah Lew on bass/vocals + Kyle King on guitar + Jackson Blumgart on guitar + Susi Leni on drums) has released not one, not none, but two really good albums (“Over Me" and “Into The Air") on Lew's own record label, Crime on the Moon (she's also a filmmaker and visual artist and sings/plays bass in Grass Widow).

Here are three really good songs from the most recent album.

And here's one from their last album because, as mentioned, it was only released a year ago and it's a really good album too. Also, all of Cold Beat's songs sound different so I want to give you as many options as possible in order for you to believe that when I called this “post _________ chilly jingle jangle surf punk" I wasn't just throwing shit to the wall and seeing what sticks.

Fuck it. Here's one more. Too good.

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Published September 15, 2015



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