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Montreal's Clues is a new indie-pop band started by Alden Penner (he was in The Unicorns) and Brendan Reed (he was in Arcade Fire) in 2007.

A mere two years later, they have their debut record out (May of 2009) on Constellation Records (home of Godspeed, Do Make Say Think, Silver Mt Zion and lots more). And guess what? Clues didn't bother even creating a MySpace page! Wow! (I guess we're supposed to think this is awesome, or not awesome, or something).

Penner and Reed, along with three other peeps from less famous former bands, pull out all the stops live. I mean, you can't go wrong with two drummers and a Commodore 64, can you?

And there's a whole lot of other instruments at work here beyond percussion and video game equipment. It's all very orchestral and intricate and kind of French cafe-ish and, well, just pretty damn catchy.

Overall, Clues rock that sort of eccentrically melodic pop sound that I guess may, sorta-kinda-might, sound like the Unicorns. They sound nothing like the Arcade Fire, though. Sorry if that disappoints.
Published May 5, 2009



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