((Cherubs)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Cherubs were a well-regarded (if little heard) '90s sludge / noise band from Austin, Texas but I never heard them until 2017 A.D.

This is my true story:

While toiling away listing really great rock shows on my DIY blob I saw this band Cherubs was headlining a show at a good venue with another band I like. I said “who the fuck is Cherubs?" (I work from home and curse out loud to myself all the time). So like any good music blobber would do, I proceeded to do some thorough research on the matter (luv u, Wikipedia!). I discovered that not only were Cherubs a '90s sludge / noise band from Austin, Texas (previously mentioned in the first sentence of this really great band profile) but they also recently returned after a twenty year break-up. I then listened to their albums, but mostly 1994's “Heroin Man."

And I liked it.

This was my true story.

Go see Cherubs play (especially if you like, say, The Jesus Lizard). Or, don't. It's fine. They're an old noise rock band. What do they care.

Published February 22, 2017



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