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Chelsea Light Moving (w/ Thurston Moore)

These three men and one lady do something that I believe is called "rocking out." Think retro noodling post-rock meets straight punk meets some distorted sludge meets some pretty guitar melodies. Yes, that's a lot of thinking. But that's what I think when I hear Chelsea Light Moving. So in other words, maybe old Rodan/June of 44 meets Big Black meets this band nobody has ever heard of called Sonic Youth.

Chelsea Light Moving is a new band led by this up-and-coming kid, Thurston Moore. Odds are he won't see a long career in music because they're coming in at a million to one. But maybe with just the right amount of tenacity, talent and luck this 54-year-old kid will stay in the picture.

This band hasn't released much except for a few free streaming songs. Matador will change that soon. But for now, you can start by listening to "Frank O'Hara Hit" below. Then you should go read some Frank O'Hara poems. He was the man.

Final thought about Chelsea Light Moving: I once saw Thurston Moore in the basement of a Duane Reade.... so I'm not sweating it either. #ialsosavedlatin

Published September 13, 2012



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