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Believe it or not, real hardcore thrash still lives and heaves on the concrete streets of New York. And Cerebral Ballzy are five young guys that shout, flail and straight punk it up just like it is 1981 in The Naked City all over again.

These are fiery fast songs of aggression featuring angry yells, distorted and destructive guitars, and a barrage of bombast. A Cerebral Ballzy show could very well end in fists flying and amps imploding, because danger has always been one of the hallowed hallmarks of rock 'n roll. Just ask all the old Bad Brains fans and they'll tell you.

But just as likely, you'll leave a Cerebral Ballzy show breathless and feeling rather chipper, because it's fun to flail around with your friends for twenty-minutes and rally against anyone who dares to say you can't rock out anymore. Plus, it makes for a good work-out.

So give the finger to the treadmill and go see Cerebral Ballzy do their hardcore thing. They've recently played sweat-fests with Japanther, The Death Set and Team Robespierre. Look out.

Published January 14, 2009



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