((Bubbles)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Bubbles are an optimistic (their name is Bubbles and they mean it) synth-pop duo from NYC that play nostalgic New-Wave happiness. Jason P. Grisell is the singer. And Alain Levitt does the beats. They both do the synths and all those other electronic things. You know the other electronic things I mean. Why do I have to tell you specifically what the other electronic things are if you already know?

Bubbles' music is meant for good times. Stated previously, their name is Bubbles. This isn't some death-metal band having some fun with irony. As of this writing (December 12th in the 12th year of the '00s) Bubbles will be opening for Blonde Redhead and Beach Fossils in NYC. Interestingly, that New Year's Eve show will usher in the 13th year of the '00s. Why is this fact interesting? I don't know!

Final thoughts about Bubbles. They have a song called "Dance Party." Their Soundcloud avatar is a picture of a rubber duckie. And they should consider touring with that band Stepdad. That would be a good 1-2 synth-pop punch. Anyway that's it.

I was listening to Bubbles as I wrote this. And now I'm kind of happier than I was when I started. That's what happens when you listen to a band named Bubbles.

Published December 12, 2012



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