((Broken Social Scene)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Broken Social Scene, everyone's second-favorite sprawling Canadian collective (ok, maybe they're tied with Godspeed), seems to have a revolving cast of 3,000 members. Some of the players in BSS also have bands of their own like Stars, Metric and K.C. Accidental. But it is Broken Social Scene that they run to when they need their fix of atmospheric rock.

The kids go crazy for the textured depth of their ambient pop songs and the emotional drama of their strings. And unlike Godspeed, they actually have verses and choruses. Their recent album You Forgot It In People received virtually unanimous praise. The hummable songs on the album are so catchy, you sometimes wonder if they will ever leave your head. Then you start to panic and think you're going crazy. Listen at your own risk.

Word on the street is that BSS won't be touring much longer due to the high cost of traveling with so many members. So see these guys on this tour when they still have some cash for a triple-decker bus or you may never see them at all.
Published August 22, 2008



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