((British Sea Power)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

England's (obviously) ever-ambitious British Sea Power create cinematic, psychedlic garage rock that would be a good soundtrack to the ballroom mask-party scene in Eyes Wide Shut. The core of the band's retro-meets-grandeur sound is their heavy guitars and attacking drum rolls, counterbalanced by warm keyboards and a smattering of electronica. These guys cull inspiration from their endless supply of unusual ideas of how music should sound. And it's easy to hear in the results of their creativity that they also have an endless love for bands like Joy Division, Wire, and Talking Heads.

The bass player has been known to wear tree branches on his head (he's got nothing on Bro. Danielson who actually plays IN a tree) and sometime the drummer beats his kit with a stuffed owl. Suffice it to say, British Sea Power are anything but generic. They're constantly concerned with the new instead of the borrowed. British Sea Power are a strangely wonderful band that does things their way. Oh, and they don't sound like Franz Ferdinand either.
Published April 7, 2005



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