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Sasha Arutyunova
I'm rocking out to Blast Off!!! right now and so far I'm really liking the drums. Still listening and you know what? Now I really like these drums A LOT. Hot damn, this cat can play! Ok, some time has passed and I'm not listening anymore, but I'm definitely still thinking about them awesome Blast Off!!! beats.

I did a little research and I guess I have Sam Levin to thank for ruling so hard. So thanks for ruling so hard on the drums, Sam! Yes, this band that calls itself Blast Off!!! (which is a brilliant name, btw) is all about the big time drums (in case that wasn't clear from before) with a strong dose of improvisation. The plentiful percussion manage to be scattered yet pinpoint-precise, propelling this experimental instrumental rock-out music into the cosmos.

There are synths and other machines (perhaps imported from Mars) at play to help Blast Off!!! get their groove going, but what I appreciate the most (besides the drums, of course) is that tight tenor sax that goes up and down and all over the controlled place.

Someone wake Coltrane from the cool cloud he's certainly chilling on and tell him to come down and check this out! I think he'd be into it. Because while the case can be made that this is rock 'n roll, what we're really talking about here is jazz. Jazz that doesn't suck. Jazz from the future, which will be more like the jazz from the past. Like, you know, Coltrane.

Anyway, I want to hear those drums again, so excuse me while I go do just that and get my Blast Off!!! on.
Published April 22, 2010



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