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Brooklyn's BELL is a band led by Alaska's own Olga Bell. Bell (as in the person, not the band) gets compared often to Bjork. I think this is because she has a really nice almost other-worldly voice and combines that with super melodic synth-ness.

And those synths float over some seriously hyper & scattered machine-made beats. Bjork still does all that too, right? Unless Matthew Barney mellowed her out?

Anyway, I also hear some Dirty Projectors similarities going on with BELL too. But BELL goes more electro than the D to the P. This is super good. Did I say that already?

This band should tour with another one of our new favs, Zambri. I'd pay to see that show. But then again, I'd also pay to just see BELL. So everyone is a winner here.

If you have to start somewhere, go treat yourself and check out BELL's big time remix of Phoenix' modern day classic jam "1901." It's good stuff. They have other good songs too though... just in case that wasn't implied. BTW, how is this band still unsigned? That's messed up, yo.
Published May 12, 2011



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