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Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett are the duo known as Beacon. They're based out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As an important aside, if you ever find yourself in Greenpoint you should definitely seek out the empanadas made and sold in that Laundromat. To die for, I tell you.

But moving on, this electronic duo makes down-tempo soulful jams meant for making out, or staring at the moon, or fileting some mignon. There is no wrong activity to accompany down-tempo electronica, after all. It's like the color black; it goes well with everything.

Beacon's sound has been compared to The Weeknd and James Blake and Fever Ray. And I think Mullarney's vocals over this groove-nasty electro seduction often sounds like the Sigur Ros guy meets a little bit of Thom Yorke. That hybrid leads you to a pleasant voice.

All of this probably means only one thing: Beacon is one mellow band, baby. So when you want to go mellow, Beacon isn't a bad place to start for help in getting there. And when you're done getting mellow, grab some of those empanadas from that Laundromat to pump yourself back up. They're a taste explosion in your mouth.

Published February 16, 2012



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