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The first thing you need to know about Atlanta's The Barreracudas is that they are completely tapping into a different time. That time would be somewhere around 1977. The look, the sound, the feel. The touch of leather. The fabric of our lives. Everything about The Barreracudas says late '70s.

The second thing you need to know about The Barreracudas is that they RULE. This is perfect power-dirtbag-pop that would be right at home on that legendary Rhino "Poptopia! '70s Power Pop Classics" box set (get that box set if you don't have it). The third thing you should know is that Barreracudas were one of the best bands I saw at SXSW 1977. I mean, SXSW 2013.

OK, listen. That this music was made today in 2013 instead of 1977 might cause some consternation among those music purists who think bands shouldn't straight copy something that was already done 30+ years ago. I get that. But I also get that those purist people are L to the 7s. It's pretty obvious The Barreracudas are approaching their whole situation as an "homage" to the glory days of power pop's past. These dudes (some of whom are also in that band, Gentleman Jesse and His Men) know what they're doing and what they're riffing off of. So relax, squares. Get that stick outta yer butt and have fun with it. The Barreracudas sure do. I mean, who even does guitar solos like this anymore? More importantly, who still rocks leather vests?

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm about to pop The Barreracudas 8-track into the dash of my Pontiac Trans Am coupe, roll down the windows so my dirtbag hair can blow, grab a pack of smokes from underneath the sleeve of my t-shirt, peel out to impress my lady friend, and cruise around the streets singing along to these songs. Destination unknown. (But I'll probably end up in the parking lot of the DQ like always. That's where us Cutters like to go.)

Published March 21, 2013



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