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NR is a duo from Miami making soaring synth pop that's been compared to everyone from < a href="bandbio.cfm?bandid=17061">MGMT to Passion Pit to Miike Snow to Prince. I like to tell you what other people say about bands so we're not on the hook for any of it. I'm a coward like that.

Anyway, ANR have those bright and sunny melodies that soar way up and stuff. It's very, very poppy and very... what's the word... life affirming, I suppose. Their songs have these glitchy blips clashing with these big echo-y guitar swirls. It makes for a nicely melodic battle of laptop technology vs. pop psychedelia.

ANR has played recent shows with Animal Collective, Neon Indian and No Age. And, as of this writing, they're playing out and about with MillionYoung and Washed Out.

This band is "going for it." And by "it," I mean fame. ANR's jams are tuned up and ready for radio. Is radio ready for them? As Nelson once wisely sung (circa 1990 on that one album I liked for a minute because of that other jam they had with the snow falling UP instead of dawn in the video), "only time will tell."
Published March 3, 2011



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