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Alright! Alright! I'll write about Alabama Shakes! Their buzz is basically smashing everybody over the head, anyway. Better take my lumps and get it over with. And please, don't judge me for initially getting this band confused with Harlem Shakes. Don't judge me for that.

Alabama Shakes are a soulful rock band that likes to get all countrified sometimes. I think this is called being "rootsy" but I'm not entirely sure. Wasn't Hootie and the Blowfish considered "rootsy?" If so, this ain't that. This is classic rock retro music mighty good for boozing to. Singer Brittany Howard just has that kind of scratchy voice that makes you want to suck on a bottle or two... or three... or seven.

Did they ever get around to making that Janis Joplin movie? If that's still in the development stage, I've found your singer. Call Brittany Howard. (She doesn't TOTALLY sound like Janis, but she can get there).

So Alabama Shakes are the kind of band that makes you want to say "Man, ain't life dirty sometimes." Like CCR used to do... or something. But you say "Man, ain't life dirty sometimes," in a laid-back way, like in a way that respects the dirtiness of life. You're not pissed off about it. You're just pissed... because you just drank seven beers.

Maybe that's why Alabama Shakes have gotten so much buzz. A band that can make you ok with life is a band worth keeping around.

Published March 29, 2012



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