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Maya Willner
Brooklyn's Action Painters play catchy guitar-synth-power-pop full of happy riffs that will stick in your head longer than the Elmer's glue that crazy Rodney Carroll smeared in your hair in the 2nd Grade. These bouncy guitar tempos (like in the song "Supermarket") are just like a cute bunny whose furry little butt is on fire. They hop, hop and hop with a stronge sense of urgency.

And Action Painter's buoyant supplemental synths soar melodically just like a cute skinny bunny jumping on a giant trampoline to reach that Great Carrot in the sky.

Sometimes, this band's songs slow down a little (like the song "Cold Dead Corner") into power-ballad land, and when that happens and singer Tom's vocal range gets hoisted even higher, I tearfully raise my tallboy and toast to the memory of that cute little bunny with a butt of fire. Bunny never hurt anyone.

Oh, on a separate note, don't listen to Action Painters if you have a cranky neighbor directly downstairs from you like we do. We tapped our toes way too much to this, so she came upstairs and threw her pet bunny in our face. It was cute, but it wasn't cool. (Note: No cute little bunnies were harmed in the making of this band profile.)
Published March 2, 2009



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