((2:54)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

London's 2:54 are Hannah & Collette Thurow. They're sisters. They're also good. 2:54's music reminds me of Serena-Maneesh meets Sonic Youth meets PJ Harvey. They also get a lot of Curve and Lush and, hell, lots of other '80s band comparisons. It's because 2:54 rock that noisy, swirly and bend-y guitar thing; that thing that originated in the '80s, you see.

You know what a good genre name for this thing would be? Shoegaze. Not sure how I just came up with that term, but it seems oddly perfect. Maybe I'll see if I can get that name patented for this thing or something. Anyway, like those other shoegaze bands of yesteryear, a sense of darkness pervades 2:54's pop sound. Walls of Sound aren't necessarily the most positive inanimate objects. So, no, bright and airy and sparkly this music is not.

Now, that doesn't mean 2:54 isn't nice to listen to when you see them live. It just means you'll rock out to this while also being preoccupied with the strange notion that everyone in the crowd is looking at you, is on to you, and is totally going to get you. That's all. No big deal.

Published December 8, 2011



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