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The Studio at Webster Hall

{"features":[{"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":["-73.9891926","40.7316609"]},"properties":{"name":"The Studio at Webster Hall","url":"https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=The+Studio+at+Webster+Hall+125+East+11th+Street%0ANew+York%2C+NY+10003","address":"125 East 11th Street\nNew York, NY 10003","image_url":null}}]}


Thu 04/24 8:00 PM
Kool A.D., Rebelmatic, Prop Anon, Sarcasmo, Sunny Gang
Fri 04/25 7:30 PM
Eprom, Saint Pepsi, fjtrspa
Mon 04/28 8:00 PM
Alden Penner (of The Unicorns), Pours, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Nick Millevoi
Sun 05/04 8:00 PM
Skull Defekts
Fri 05/09 7:00 PM
Tayyib Ali, Oxymorrons
Sat 05/10 7:00 PM
Happy Body Slow Brain, Gavin Castleton, Young Statues, Northern Faces
Sun 05/25 7:30 PM
The Shackeltons, Hot Jam Factory
Mon 06/02 8:00 PM
Tomorrow's Tulips
Sat 06/14 8:00 PM
Nothing, Superheaven
Sat 07/12 7:30 PM
Venetian Snares


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