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The Delancey

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Tue 10/21 8:00 PM
Clementine & the Galaxy, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, Janna Pelle, Colour of London, Rocket and the Ghost, Clam
The Delancey
CMJ - downstairs
Wed 10/2211:30 AM
Canon Logic, Zerbin, Adios Ghost, Highs, Rocket and the Ghost, Jack and Eliza, The Teen Age, The Peach Kings, Frances Cone, Charly Bliss, Everest Cale, Goodbyemotel, Whiskey Bitches
Wed 10/22 8:00 PM
Bosco, Okay Kaya, Dark Waves, Go Back To The Zoo, TOPS, Flowers
Thu 10/23 3:00 PM
The Suffers, Walker Lukens and The Side Arms, Emily Wolfe, The Please Please Me, Holiday Mountain, Featherface, East Cameron Folkcore, Wrestlers (DJ Set), Flavor Raid, Ravin' Symone, Pompeii, Night Drive, blshs, Somebody's Darling, Sphynx, DJ Frederick Phases, K Phillips, Girl Pilot, Pageantry
Fri 10/2412:00 PM
CYMBALS, Yassou Benedict, Future Loves Past, Horse Thief, Bailiff, Night Idea
Sat 10/25 2:00 PM
Goodbyemotel, Enola Fall, DJ James Laurence, Delta Riggs, Sampology, Little May, Me, My Fiction, The Lazys, Zeahorse, Tkay Maidza, Without Parachutes, Okenyo, DMA's, Fascinator, Bad//Dreems, Phebe Starr, Dune Rats, Tom West, Spookyland, Oxford & Co, Calling All Cars , Eden Mulholland, The Cairos, Tales In Space, Sophie Hanlon, Kate Miller-Heideke, Ernest Ellis, Totara Jack, The Ocean Party, Luluc, Nova and The Experience, The Kite String Tangle, Saskwatch


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