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The Bowery Electric

{"features":[{"type":"Feature","geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":["-73.99167299999999","40.7257"]},"properties":{"name":"The Bowery Electric","url":"https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=The+Bowery+Electric+327+Bowery%0ANew+York%2C+NY+10003","address":"327 Bowery\nNew York, NY 10003","image_url":null}}]}


Wed 04/16 7:30 PM
Kristeen Young, Roto's Magic Act, The Mars Bonfire, Ana Milosavljevic
Thu 04/17 7:30 PM
The Waldos, The Hipp Pipps, The Nuclears, Plates of Cake
Wed 04/23 7:30 PM
Kristeen Young
Thu 04/24 7:30 PM
Har Mar Superstar, Walking Shapes, Cold Blood Club, Appomattox
Wed 04/30 7:30 PM
Kristeen Young
Thu 05/01 7:30 PM
Your 33 Black Angels, F-Units, Ravi Shavi, Daniel Harnett
Tue 05/06 6:30 PM
Pravada, Water, Indyns, Spacefight
$7a / $10d
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Tue 05/13 6:30 PM
Pravada, What Model Citizens, Kile Atwater
$7a / $10d
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Thu 05/22 6:30 PM
Bright and Loud, The Mym, Kalen Lister and The Sky Thieves, The Fave, Ponyhof
$8a / $10d
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Sat 05/24 7:30 PM
Grant Hart, Grooms


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