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June 02, 2005
The latest stellar Sub Pop signee, Canada's Wolf Parade is generating tons of buzz on the heels of their most recent tour with Arcade Fire. That band (or Frog Eyes) is a good reference point for Wolf Parade's epic post-pop (no clue what post-pop means) sound, albeit a little heavier on the keyboards. Modest Mouse singer Isaac Brock fell in love with these guys, which is how they landed on Sub Pop and why Brock is producing their debut full-length.

Wolf Parade claim they are just making folk music, not "art rock." And with such strong, direct melodies, I don't argue with them. Mostly, the whole "art rock" thing comes from singer Spencer Krug going completely NUTS on stage. He's a spazzola like all the truly good ones are.

Wolf Parade rank up there with Arcade Fire, The Unicorns and Black Mountain as one of Canada's best recent bands. There is no way you'll ever see them play an intimate venue like Pianos again. Once that EP comes out, it's OVER!

Wolf Parade play Pianos, with a guy who dresses like a tree, Saturday, June 5th.


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