Thunderbirds are Now! are a wail of a good time. And you can quote us on that too. - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like
May 05, 2005
Detroit's Thunderbirds Are Now! play catchy keyboard rock with much help from wiry post-punk guitars and killer cowbells and maracas. This is sassy rhythm rock with a sly, rambunctious spirit that will get even the meekest of the meek up to dance.

Singer Ryan Allen yelps, wails and struts to the synths, melodic machine-gun beats and "killer" licks. They have been compared to Talking Heads and the Pixies, but since they're on Frenchkiss Records, throw in a Les Savy Fav nod too. Claire saw them at SXSW and loved them, so what more do you need? Go see this show. It'll be all rowdy and shit. And I really hope people start referring to them as Thunderbirds are Wow!

Thunderbirds are Now! play The Empty Bottle, Saturday, August 20th.


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