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Random Rockness
June 20, 2014

This crazy Malibu Rum Sparkler "Pop Solo" video reminds us of something OK GO would dream up. In the video, the cork tops of 150 bottles somehow work together with a bunch of drums, some cymbals, and a DJ to pop off a serious summer JAM. Bottle top beats go big time. Who knew?

Malibu Sparkler is rum blended with coconut water, infused with bubbles and sealed with a cork. When it’s hot and you’re baked, it’s mighty refreshing. The effervescent beats in the video inspired us to invent, possibly, the perfect summer drink. And just in time, too. Summer officially starts tomorrow.

Here’s our recipe for a cocktail we call The Fort Tilden (after the sublimely chill NYC beach). Doesn’t it look good? Thanks! We thought so, too. Feel free to mix it up while the sun’s still hot.

The Fort Tilden (created by Oh My Rockness)

3 parts Malibu Rum Sparkler
1 part fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice
¼ part simple syrup
splash of fresh lime juice

Serve in a chilled glass or flute.

Or, try Malibu Sparkler on its own -- just chill (that part is key - as cold as you can get it) and pop -- at a friend’s place before, say, going to an outdoor show or summer festival and seeing that buzz band do their hot emerging alt thing. Or, just to start your weekend of not having to deal with work. A holiday in its own right.

For more summer cocktail creations, visit Malibu Sparkler on Facebook.

This post has been sponsored by Pernod Ricard.


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