Pterodactyl keeps dirty-drone from going the way of the dinosaur. - Oh My Rockness

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November 06, 2007
Pterodactyl are an explosive trio from NYC that fall somewhere between Oneida and Parts & Labor in sound. These guys rock out in a dirty-drone style that makes ear-plug wearing a must.

Sometimes the band flirts with psych sounds of the past, but mostly they're just in love with making a most wonderful, guttural noise that to my ears sounds purely punk. There's a whole slew of distorted guitar scrawl solos in Pterodactyl's repertoire, and they're (loudly) played over vocals that alternate between the pinched shrieks and the surprisingly sweet.

This would be a fun band to see in an abandoned textile factory, or at the very least, an illegal squat space. D.I.Y., dudes. D.I.Y.

Pterodactyl play Bowery Ballroom, on Friday, November 23rd.


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