Canada's Apostle of Hustle tweak the Broken Social Scene sound. - Oh My Rockness

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June 11, 2007
Apostle of Hustle is the "side-project" of Broken Social Scene's lead guitarist, who likes to go by the name of Andrew Whiteman, because that's his name. Like his other Canadian collective, Whiteman and the several other members that make up Apostle of Hustle emphasize guitars and keys in order to form moderately rocking indie-pop. And, again like B.S.S., you can expect those scattered horns that are pleasant in that melodically brassy sort of way.

So this isn't RAWK attached with a metal salute; it is rock attached with a toe tap. Andrew W has a nice voice, too, that sort of sounds like Britt Daniel. So if you like Broken Social Scene and Spoon and a general carefree feeling, perhaps you can let Apostle of Hustle be the band for you.

Apostle of Hustle play a whopping 4 upcoming NYC shows.


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