Human Television Play Retro Rock Without All The Lameness That Implies. - Oh My Rockness

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January 27, 2005
I've been seriously into this band lately. Human Television's 3-song EP randomly found its way to my iPod about a year ago and I listened to those 12 minutes of pure melodic glory for months. They've got a brand new album with more songs and it's as catchy as an infield fly (go white sox!)

Their sound can best be described as a mixture of late 70's NYC punk without the aggression combined with the catchy Britpop guitar strumming of bands like Wedding Present and Ride. I don't think there is one instance of distortion or feedback in Human Television's repertoire. This is music you hum when you're having a really good day. A very pleasant band.

Human Television plays Pianos, Thursday, January 27th.


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