Say Hi To Your Mom and Tell Her I Made Her the Best Mix-Tape Ever. - Oh My Rockness

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January 20, 2005
Say Hi to Your Mom, a.k.a. Eric Elbogen, plays wonderful bedroom pop songs with a heavy reliance on the Dell computer (ok maybe not Dell, those computers bbbblow.) These are synth-laden, utterly catchy songs with playful lyrics that, among other things, take the piss out of hipsters. While hipsters may be a pretty easy target for scorn, I don't find these lyrics to be too clever for their own good at all. And anyway, Elbogen is just talking smack to his friends. He is an indie rocker after all.

Perhaps it's because the music itself is very sweet and heartfelt that Say Hi to Your Mom works so well. And save for one shaky cover of "I'm so Tired," (NOT "Happiness is a Warm Gun" as previously reported. Don't even think it!) all the songs on his latest album, Numbers & Mumbles, are close to perfect pop. One of the best lo-fi geek acts of 2004.

Say Hi To Your Mom plays Mercury Lounge, Friday, January 21st.


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