Namelessnumberheadman bring clicks, blips and buzz to Southpaw. - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like
December 08, 2004
Kansas City's Namelessnumberheadman plays stirring, bittersweet music rich with piano, blips, loops, acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel and keyboards. These are subdued, graceful songs with soaring warm notes that, in a way, comfort.

Namelessnumberheadman do not confine themselves to one genre, even over the course of an album. They can be everything from ambient folk to skittering electronic to straight up indie-pop. Sometimes they sound like Explosions in the Sky, other times they are more like Granddaddy. Vocals are almost an afterthought with instrumental experimentation clearly at the forefront of their songwriting process. This band makes you feel nice.

Namelessnumberheadmen play Thursday, December 9th at Southpaw.


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