They Had to Change Their Name But Their Noise Remains the Same. - Oh My Rockness

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December 02, 2004
Formerly known as just Death From Above, this drum/bass Canadian terror-punk duo had to tack a 1979 at the end of their name because those crazy dance-punk producers, DFA (guess what that stands for?), told them to. And I thought dancers were lovers. But no matter what their name is, Death From Above 1979 still rule.

Their mission is to pummel you with thunderous drums and bowel-twisting bass, creating a fortress of sound with no hope of escape. They want to stomp on your skull and kick you in the teeth and they don't need guitars to do it. See them live and they'll leave you confused, impressed and scared. Death from Above 1979 are loud, loud, loud. And nobody, not even a hip production team, is going to stop their attack. Man, for Canadians they sure do have alot of aggression. It's like, what do they have to be angry about?

Death from Above 1979 play with Panthers and Vietnam, Saturday, December 4th at Rothko.


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