The Flesh Don't Give a Shit as Long as you Dance Like a Punk - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like
November 23, 2004
Gyrating and spazzing to live drum hip-hop beats under punk rock riffs and evil synthesizers, Brooklyn's The Flesh are making a name for themselves with their dangerously enthralling live shows that would make Iggy Pop proud. The band's dual female/male vocals exude twisted, sexual energy that attacks you and leaves you wanting it harder and faster.

Their debut EP Sweet Defeat, on the dancepunk New Jersey label Gern Blandsten, thumps with violent punk anthems on an death-disco trip. The Flesh are a darker Rapture, a meaner Fever, and a less giddy !!!. They don't give a shit. Their nonchalance and sexed-up attitude will almost assuredly make them huge.


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