Oh My Rockness' March Radness! Burgers, Beers, and Bands We Love!

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March 14, 2006
This is it. The Big One. The party Oh My Rockness has been planning since we were but small tykes with big dreams. When we were kids we only really cared about 4 things: our sandbox, our swing set, Santa Claus, and angular indie rock (the killer staccato rhythms on the first vinyl pressing of "Bert & Ernie's Sing-a-Long" grubbied our Huggies. Who knew "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" could sound like THAT). We may have lost our faith in the Claus (we're still waiting for that Jaminator you promised us outside the Orange Julius, jerk), but our trust still firmly resides in rock 'n' roll... so we bring you our long time labor of love, Oh My Rockness' March Radness party!

It's taken us about 20 years of research, meetings and meditations, but we finally have all the elements in place that we needed before we could put on our very first show. It's not easy finding A) four NYC bands that rule B) an awesome location C) free Sparks and D) non-free but delicious hamburgers (courtesy of Brooklyn's Schnack... oh SNAP!). We wanted our pickiness to lead to your guaranteed rockness. And rock you shall.

{Cue Jock Jams musical interlude} Now! Who's ready for the ultimate Final Four!? Detachment Kit, Foreign Islands, The Big Sleep, and Goes Cube dare you to witness their decibel destruction! Are you ready to accept their guitar crunching challenge?! Come out and rock with us. We love these 4 bands (that's why we picked 'em!) and really just want you to love them too. Trust us on this one. It's going to be a fun night.

*And for those unsure of what the deal is with this Brooklyn Lyceum place... it's a stones throw (even if you throw with your opposite hand) from the Union street R subway stop in Park Slope. 4th avenue and Union to be exact. Imagine a cross between Bowery Ballroom and Tonic. Imagine awesome.

**this show is 18 and over.

***oh, and the free Sparks is from 8-9pm (21+ only). Get some before the Goes Cube guys gulp it all up.

Detachment Kit, Foreign Islands, The Big Sleep, and Goes Cube play Brooklyn Lyceum, Friday, March 24th


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