The Blood Brothers Rock 2 Shows at the Bowery. Prepare. - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like
October 20, 2004
If there was ever a band that perfectly fit the term spazzcore, it's The Blood Brothers. Hailing from Seattle, these kids simply freak the hell out. Like dueling gun shots, vocalists Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney spew such angst-filled, warbled-punk rock shouts back and forth that it's a wonder their vocal cords aren't ripped to shreds after one of their mind-blowing, sweat-inducing live shows.

Bone-crunching guitars and an all out drum attack propel The Blood Brothers into the category of "too big for the stereo speakers." Bring earplugs and offer some spare Ricola for the guys. They'll need them.

The Blood Brothers play Sunday, October 24th, and Monday, October 25th, at Bowery Ballroom


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