Keyboard Kid's beats make the world go round and around and around. - Oh My Rockness

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March 12, 2012
Do you know Keyboard Kid (not to be confused with Casiokids... that's a totally different sitch)? If you don't know him, please allow me to suggest that you should. Keyboard Kid's given name is Greg Phillips and he's the Seattle producer that, among other things, made the beats that helped make Lil B, well, Lil B.

This super talented dude remixes and reimagines and manipulates and mashes (you know) to create first-rate (mostly) instrumental electronica that's exceptionally melodic. His beats are smooth and the rhythms are accessible but abstract enough to be interesting. These aren't your run-of-the-mill kick-back jams. This is music that will make you feel something resembling happiness.

Watch out for Keyboard Kid. He definitely has potential to be bigger than he already is. If I were a band, I'd be running and begging for this guy to remix my songs. But I'm not in a band. I'm just a dumb show listings website. Oh well. Nobody's perfect... except for Keyboard Kid.

Keyboard Kid plays the New Museum, on Friday, March 23rd.


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