Field Music rock falsetto harmonies, expansive keys, and Wire-like guitars - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like
January 25, 2006
U.K.'s Field Music signed to the same label as The Go! Team and are from the same neighborhood as The Futureheads and Maximo Park (in fact, Field Music member Peter Brewis was The Futurehead's original drummer, and sometime Field Music drummer Tom English is on loan from Maximo Park).

Citing influences ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Big Star to the ever-hip Stravinsky, Field Music create lush and atmospheric songs of indie-pop grandeur. Featuring falsetto harmonies, expansive keys, and Wire-like guitars, Field Music manage to merge ornate orchestration with a tad of punky spazz, all in roughly 3 minutes time. And if you listen really hard, you can sort of hear a little bit of The Shins in there, too. What more do you want?

Field Music play with The Big Sleep @ Mercury Lounge, Saturday, January 28th


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