Indian Rebound: a good band. What more is there really to say? Except this.... - Oh My Rockness

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June 28, 2011
Indian Rebound is pretty good garage-y and surf-y pop done by a few dudes still in high school. They live in New York. Hey, so do I! We should hang out.

Anyway, the music these two make is catchy and sunny and happily distorted. It's also completely easy to listen to when you want your mind to go in and out like the rolling tide of the beach. So yeah, this optimistic pop is pretty chill.

Indian Rebound should appeal to fans of bands like... oh, forget it. You already know what other bands they sound like when I wrote "surf" and "beach" and "chill." But if by chance you don't know, well, just head over to Indian Rebound's website and listen to them. You'll get it pretty quick.

Indian Rebound has played recently with Toro y Moi and Cloud Nothings. Those are two good bands. We should write a profile on them too. Oh wait, we already did.

Anyway, I'm off to catch a wave, brah. Maybe when I'm done I'll sit on the sand and roast a wiener and pump out Indian Rebound jams from my ghetto blaster. That sounds pretty chill. Now all I need is some friends to invite. Do you want to come?

Indian Rebound plays Cake Shop, on Friday, July 1st.


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