Porcelain Raft makes you want to just float....far, far away. - Oh My Rockness

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May 09, 2011
Porcelain Raft plays pretty, low key mood music that makes you feel sad (but not too sad) and nostalgic and probably bittersweet about past things known only unto you. And it's all the work of one Londoner (by way of Italy) named Mauro Remiddi. He used to be in that band Sunny Day Sets Fire (which I thought was one of the most derivative band names of recent years... but who asked me).

Porcelain Raft kind of reminds me of a more lo-fi Youth Group. Remember them? This is just kind of fragile (Porcelain) easy-going pop with choruses that slowly float around (Raft). It's also kind of hazy, but not in that overly layered sort of way.

Hell, I don't know. It's mellow. That's all it is. It's mellow. And I like it. Because I've always been prone to stewing about the things done that can't be undone. Stewing about the things done that can't be undone is SO PUNK ROCK! Actually, it's not. It's Porcelain Raft.

Porcelain Raft plays Mercury Lounge, on Saturday, May 14th.


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