PS I Love You: catchy distorted melodies never made no enemies of me. - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like
March 21, 2011
Ontario's PS I Love You sounds a lot like Wolf Parade. Like, kind of a lot. Maybe Wolf Parade meets Oberhofer, if you want to throw another band comparison in there for comparison's sake.

Or we can just stick with Wolf Parade. Same catchy distorted guitar-driven melodies. Same throaty vocals. Same sparingly eccentro-electro. You know how it is. Oh, but this band is a duo. So boom. Boom goes the dynamite.

But anyway, PS I Love You writes some pretty damn good songs. I like to rock out to them. Have you ever rocked out? It's fun to do that sometimes. You can find this duo's debut full-length on Paper Bag records. Thought I was going to say Sub Pop, didn't you?

As of this writing PS I Love You is on tour with Diamond Rings. Hey, we wrote about them once!

In conclusion, PS I Love You is a band we can ALL get behind. Thank you.

PS I Love You play Mercury Lounge, on Wednesday, March 30th, and at Glasslands, on Thursday, March 31st.


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