Cloud Nothings make simple hard. Wait, scratch that. Reverse it. - Oh My Rockness

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January 10, 2011
Cleveland's Cloud Nothings is buzzing 19-year-old Dylan Baldi. Man, this dude knows how to write a good pop song... and we are certainly not the first to tell you that.

With his live band, Baldi rocks up-tempo DIY lo-fi that veers towards the punk side of the bedroom pop spectrum. His short and snappy songs have that nice, messy feeling that make you want to dance all down and dirty.

And if you claw and scratch away through the layers of Cloud Nothings ample use of distortion, you'll find some remarkably catchy melodies that form the core of these exceptionally fun songs. Cloud Nothings is really just fuzzed up power-pop with swagger, something I can always get behind.

This is for fans of Oberhofer, Gross Relations, The Thermals, Wild Nothing, Magic Kids, and maybe even Wavves.

Cloud Nothings makes writing good pop songs seem so simple. But boy, is it hard.

Cloud Nothings play Mercury Lounge, on Wednesday, January 19th.


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