31Knots play those rare jazzy jams that don't suck - Oh My Rockness

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October 20, 2005
Portland's 31Knots have just released their best album (Talk Like Blood) for their new label (Polyvinyl), are fresh off a successful European tour with Q and Not U, and just rocked a sold-out show in Tokyo. Though they've been around since 1997, these guys have definitely stepped it up a notch and have taken things to the next level.

31Knots' "prog" pop sound with a heavy lyrical emphasis has been compared to bands like Modest Mouse, Cursive, and even, Yes (see Buffalo '66). They like to throw in some good old-fashioned math rock and instrumental trickery just to jazz things up a bit, but ultimately, these guys just play good, extended pop jams.

31Knots play Glasshouse Gallery, Thursday, October 27th.


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