Small Black will not be small for long. (mental note: work on catchier headline copy) - Oh My Rockness

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September 08, 2009
Elizabeth Weinberg
I've been super into these guys recently. Brooklyn's Small Black is a duo (live there are more players involved) that creates synth-y lo-fi love songs (it sounds like love, anyway --- maybe they're singing about hate, but I doubt it) using a couple of casios and some beat machines. The vocals are the kind that, again, sounds like they're sung from a Fisher-Price microphone. But here, that sound definitely works (sometimes that sound is definitely annoying, as I'm sure you know).

Small Black works better than a lot of the other people rocking the "hot new old sound" of lo-fi because their melodies are just so damn pretty. Sure, there's some roughness and scratchiness with the way it's recorded (an aesthetic choice), but really when we talk about Small Black we're talking about beauty.

So just saying "lo-fi" doesn't give these guys a whole lot of credit. Gosh, I love pretty songs. Seriously, is there anything better in this life? Pizza is pretty good, but not as good as a pretty song.

Small Black play Bruar Falls, on Friday, September 18th.


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