The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Waxahatchee, Market Hotel Reopening Party, The Go! Team, Bruce Springsteen, Majical Cloudz, Julien Baker, The Men, Sarah Silverman, Palehound, A$AP Rocky, Those Darlins, Miami Horror, Cut Chemist and lots more goodness! - Oh My Rockness

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January 19, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

If you go see any of the following GOOD shows happening in NYC this week this could quite possibly turn out to be the best week of your life.

You never know.

Maybe you should go see all five shows just to be safe.

Reach for the stars - at worst you'll catch a rainbow.

Granted, a few of these shows directly compete with each other since they're happening on the same night and time in different locations and how can you be two places at once?

God hands you a problem - make problemade.

You'll figure it out. I know you will. I believe in you.

Here's to your best week.

One world. One love. One blob.



#1 Market Hotel Reopening Party - Market Hotel - Friday - January 22 - 2016 A.D.

Market Hotel is BACK. For real this time. I know Sleater-Kinney played there recently but that was just a warm-up - just a tiny little taste. The show goodness gets back on the regular on Friday at the reopening party. A special “Secret Headliner" (I don't know who it is but I always hope for Michael Jordan) along with VIA APP, Kill Alters, Dreamcrusher (whose live show is slightly terrifying and GOOD) and Malory. Whether you do or don't go to this one, be sure to check out the full list of upcoming shows there (tease: DIIV, The Soft Moon, Faust, Girlpool and that's all I'm telling you rn). Market Hotel, it's good to have you back. Again.

I tried pretty hard to find the worst clip art possible for this how did I do?

#2 Julien Baker - Mercury Lounge - Thursday - January 21 - 2016 A.D.

Julien Baker is GOOD. Oh My Rockness says she plays “achingly beautiful pop folk songs that will not only get in your head but they'll slip under the skin and stay awhile" and I love quoting myself back to me. This show is sold-out because the secret's out. If you can't get into this one, maybe try seeing Julien at Rough Trade on 1/25. And if that fails, at least you can listen to this really good album all you want for FREE. eskimeaux opens.

(I would have included Julien Baker's debut record “Sprained Ankle" on my Best Albums of 2015 list but I forgot to make that list oops please tell me not my faults for I already know them)

#3 The Go! Team - Brooklyn Bowl - Thursday - January 21 - 2016 A.D.

Ahhh, it was late summer of 2004 A.D., the year of Oh My Rockness' birth. The Go! Team's electro pop was all the rage and we all loved and danced with orange colored Sparks tongues. So long ago now. But forever in our heart. The band is back for their first NYC show in five years (!) and before that show it had been three years (!) since they last played here and if you don't mind waiting a second while I punch in the numbers on my calculator....hang on hang on hang on…..that means The Go! Team has played three NYC shows in the last eight years! Crazy. See them play this song (oh, man, THIS song was everywhere back then) on Thursday at Brooklyn Bowl.

(Oh My Rockness: 2004 - 20??)

#4 Waxahatchee (solo) - Silent Barn - Friday - January 22 - 2016 A.D.

Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee solo) plays a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood at Silent Barn on Friday. The majority of tickets sold out real fast on the inTerNetZ (because she's GOOD) but the venue says there will be a limited number at the door. I hope you get in. I can't help you to or anything like that but I'm sending you positive thoughts that you'll find a way because once again this blob believes in you.

#5 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - MSG - Sunday - January 24 - 2016 A.D.

Finally, rising up-and-coming buzzy singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen and his band play DIY co-op art space, Madison Square Garden, on Sunday. Mr. Springsteen originally hails from……...hang on, let me grab my notes……ahhh, there it is….New Jersey.

Other notable shows this week = A$AP Rocky at Terminal 5 + Majical Cloudz at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Tindersticks at Rough Trade (free) + Torres and Palehound at Bowery Ballroom + Miami Horror at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Sarah Silverman at BAM + Savak at Union Pool + The Men at Aviv + Those Darlins at Baby's All Right + Cut Chemist at Output + The Besnard Lakes at Rough Trade (free) + Worriers at Shea Stadium

Godspeed out there, dear Rockness reader.

I hope you someday write about the week you're about to have.


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